Politicians urged to stop ”militarizing” political parties

South Sudan political parties were told to transit from militarized politics into democratic and statesmanship to free the country from violence.

The National Minister of peacebuilding, Hon. Stephen Par Kuol has encouraged the politicians to use politics free of violence, atrocities, and personal grudges for a peaceful South Sudan.

He says nonviolent politics will improve working conditions among the political parties and create a conducive political environment.

Par criticized the violent approach and called on the political leaders to join hands in changing the use of guns to get positions.

“The cultural environment is very politicized. It is the collective responsibility of the parties and the RTGONU to create a climate conducive to dialogue. An artistic background without political violence.

Minister (Par) encouraged the South Sudanese to adopt new ways of fulfilling their political ambition.

He says the political divides drag the implementation of the agreement backward, citing the lack of political will from the parties and calling on the parties to work for peace, saying that there is no political party without peace.

“To create a new country totally with a new political culture, we need statesman politic. Political party leaders must be a statesman. The people of South Sudan now require a democratic political pluralism and statesmanship politic that does not resort to political violence. We must demilitarize politics. The political process must be demilitarized and democratized for this state of South Sudan to be viable.” He added.

The Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Joseph Malek says political space is necessary to ensure the country goes for political transformation.

He recommends creating a forum for political leaders to discuss matters that promote nation-building.

We lack a forum to express our views. Even on a Television channel, political parties don’t have a discussion there to discuss an event if there is a forum. It is not specifically for all the political parties.” Malek said.

James Akol Zakayo, the Secretary-General of the Political parties’ council, said the political issues could be well addressed by law.

He called the parties to push for the amendment of the political party’s act to address political differences and give the parties political space to exercise their political rights by law.

“For us as political parties’ council, we would urge you all the political parties to push for political parties act to be amended and pass.”

According to the political parties’ council, there are 62 parties in the country, and only fourteen parties are registered.