Policeman gouges out daughter’s eyes over her marital choices

A police corporal in Tonj East County, Warrap State, is expected to face the law after he reportedly gouged out his daughter’s eyes.

Agany Kuut Achuil, according to the authorities, intentionally used medical instrument to pierce 18-year-old’s eyes several times.

“He tied his daughter’s legs and hands at night in his house. He then pierced her eyes several times using a cannula,” said Sgt Dongrin Marial, head of Criminal Investigation Department in Tonj East County.

The incident happened last weekend at Abiook village in Paliang Payam Tonj East County. Preliminary investigation, Marial stated, show that Kuut, 45, was disappointed in his daughter Akuot after her first marriage failed. Akuot is yet to narrate her side of the story.

“The suspect confessed that he accused his daughter of practicing bad behaviors by making short her marriage and moved on to another man,” the detective narrated to Mayardit FM.

“And in this case, she would teach other young children…and that amounts to tarnishing his name. It was better to cause blindness to his daughter so that he could not see men again.”

However, Dr Agany Agany Monychol, director of Tonj South main hospital, confirmed that her “eyes were completely destroyed”. He said that the victim will be referred to Juba for further treatment.

“We have option to refer the victim to Juba to attend further treatment but we are not hoping so much for her to see again because her eyes were severely damaged,” Dr Agany added.

Until his arrest, Kuut – who has other children – including an older daughter – was also a health worker at a health facility in Tonj North County.

South Sudan Penal Code 2008 categorizes “permanent deprivation of the sight of an eye, or the hearing of an ear or the power of speech” under grievous harm.

Whoever…voluntarily causes grievous hurt by any such means, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years and may be liable to a fine,” reads Article 238 (2).