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Police to arrest open defecators in Twic County

Police to arrest open defecators in Twic County

Police in Twic County have been directed to arrest anyone found defecating in the open, especially in Turalei town, Warrap state.

Officials say this is meant to promote hygiene and ensure human wastes are properly disposed of.

Open defecation is a phenomenon responsible for the spread of diseases, including extremely high incidences of diarrhoea and cholera, which are particularly deadly for children.

Residents of Turalei have now been given three months to dig latrines in every home.

Makut Ayuel Akuei, the Acting Executive Director of Twic County said no one is allowed to ease themselve in the nearby bushes.

He emphasized that this is to reduce the chance of contamination of water sources and food.

“Poor hygiene in the town can cause outbark of diseases because there are many people in the town. So I said people have to stop open defecation, and if not then the police can arrest them,” Mr. Ayuel stated.

Some residents of the town welcomed the move by the authorities.

Makuc Majok Alath, a resident of Turalei said “health is also part of our lives.”

Turalei residential areas are made up of three blocks. Each block is inhabited by more than 2,500 household.

Health experts say the use of latrines promote environmental health as it reduces the spread of diseases. They added that an effective sanitation system protects health by providing and promoting a clean environment.