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Police probe suspected gun suicide in Hiyala

Police probe suspected gun suicide in Hiyala

Torit County are investigating circumstances under which a 23-year-old boy reportedly took his own life on Monday, an official has said.

The deceased, Oromo Odiongo, shot himself dead at Oguruny village, Hiyala Payam, at 8 in the morning, according to the paramount chief of Oguruny.

When contacted by the police on the incident, the parents to the deceased allegedly said their son had no problem with anyone in the family.

“No one knows why he did that. We as the local authority tried to ask the mother and the father, but they told us that they did not have any issue with their son,” Galileo Ohide told Singaita FM.

However, the traditional leader suspected alcoholism, claiming that the young man was a heavy drinker.

“For us as the local authority, we are suspecting that the death was alcohol-related because he liked drinking a lot,” Ohide continued.

Galileo said the police were probing the matter to find out what happened exactly.

He discourages the public from any acts of suicide, adding that people should seek help whenever they are facing life problems.

“If there is anything which is not going well with you, please try to share it with your elders in the community to help you on how to handle the issue or problem,” Ohide added.