Police probe killing of four fishermen in Twic

Police in Twic County say they are investigating the killing of four fishermen on Monday in Aweng Payam.

The victims were identified as Ajiing Lueth Matiop, 36; Mager Aguek Mager, 40; Maluak Deng Achuoth, 43; and Majok Majook Deng, 45.

They were reportedly killed in Ngang river by unknown gunmen.

John Mabior Marup, the acting commissioner of Twic County, says they received the information about the incident from a fisherman who was on his way home after fishing.

“Those fishermen were the ones suppling the Aweng payam with fish for years. So, their death is a big loss to the community,” Mabior told Mayardit FM.

The motive behind the killing of the “well-known” fishermen is unknown.

He says the fisherman who reported the incident had heard sound of gunshots at the fishing site and immediately reported the incident to the police.

When police officers rushed to the scene, he said they found the bodies lying lifeless.

Mabior urged the community to cooperate with the government in identifying the suspects. He also urged fishermen to always move in groups to avoid such incidents from happening.

“I would like to tell the community, particularly the fishermen, to move in groups so that they can protect themselves when attacked,” the commissioner added.