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Police officer shot by unknown assailant in Ngauro

Police officer shot by unknown assailant in Ngauro
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A police officer is nursing a gunshot wound from an unknown attacker in Kapoeta South County, Eastern Equatoria state.

The officer is 35-year-old Clement Lonyia from Ngauro town checkpoint.

A health staff at Kapoeta Civil hospital says they are treating a patient with a gunshot wound.

He was reportedly shot on Wednesday night near the checkpoint while conducting a night patrol.

His colleague, Marino Lohima said Lonyia was shot on his way to his duty station.

“This guy came from the town, and as he was going to the compound after conducting his patrol, he was shot. A vehicle belonging to the National Security Service carried him to Kapoeta here we brought him here for medication.”

The motive behind the shooting is yet unknown.