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Police officer held for injuring teen boys in Aweil West

Police officer held for injuring teen boys in Aweil West

Police in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state is investigating have detained their colleague accused of shooting and injuring two young men in Nyamlel, Aweil West County.

Dut Akuin Athum, 17; and Deng Lueth Athum, 16, were found in the front of Count buildings where Sgt. Joseph Kang shot and injured them on Saturday evening.

“I don’t know why this guy shot at us while we were seated. I wish my colleague will get better to follow up on our case together,” Lueth who was shot in the arm, told Akol Yam on Monday.

Akok Nyang Akok, the police investigator officer, says Kang has been transferred to state police headquarters for more investigations over the incident.

Nyang says Dut shoots on his chest and another person Deng shoot on his lam and they are under medication at Aweil main hospital.

“If you are on duty, please be careful because you are the one protecting the people and it is not good to just shoot a person unprovoked,” he said.

He added that full investigations will be done when the gun shoot survivors are recover and discharged from the hospital.

In February, an unidentified gunman shot and inured a young man along the Mayen Ulem-Wedwil road while returning from a party.