Police officer, cattle trader survive bandits attack in Hiyala

A police officer and a driver are nursing gunshot wounds after being attacked by gunmen along the Torit – Kapoeta road on Wednesday.

The two were traveling in a lorry carrying livestock when they fell into an ambush in Hiyala area at around 9pm.

They were taking the cows to be sold in Juba.

The Police Commissioner of Eastern Equatoria state, Major General James Monday Enoka said the attackers did not take the animals.

“The driver and the police man who was escorting the trader were wounded. They were brought to the hospital here in Torit and they are okay,” he stated.

Two cows were shot dead during the ambush.

Maj. Gen. Enocka said a joint security force has been sent to the area to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to book.

“The state is going to take measures to provide security on the highway. So there is already an action taken by security committee to check this kind of incident in Hiyala.”

He cautioned traders and drivers from traveling during the night on the treacherous road.

“This lorry was attacked at 9PM, we advise people to also protect their lives by not moving at night. You know the forest is full of guns and criminals, so they should move by day than moving at night,” he advised.

Maj. Gen. Enocka added that “as the government, we are taking the measures to protect the roads so that we have good movement of people and goods.”