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Police officer beats civilian to death in Tonj North

Police officer beats civilian to death in Tonj North
South Sudan police officers ride on a pickup truck | File

Authorities in Tonj North County, Warrap State, are holding a police officer for allegedly beating to death a young man at the weekend.

Aguek Aguek Malual, 32, was among the 30 law enforcement officers that were dispatched to Maluil village to apprehend a murder suspect.

However, upon arrival in the area on Friday, the officers randomly beat villagers with sticks, in an attempt to get them to reveal the whereabouts of the suspect – a Majak.

One of the youth they had attacked – Ayok Ayok, 26 died, succumbed to neck and hip injuries on Sunday, according to Sgt James Monydhar, police officer in Tonj North County.

“There, Ayok was harmed in the process – when the police were fighting civilians. Ayok was a relative to the murder suspect,” Sgt Monydhar explained to Mayardit FM.

He went on to say say Aguek, a corporal, will face law because he violated the constitution, which doesn’t allow police officers to beat and torture civilians when searching for suspect.

Sergeant Monydhar added that the suspected police officer will be arraigned to court once the investigation is finished.