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Police launch investigation to Tonj probe the death of SSPDF soldier in Warrap

Police launch investigation to Tonj probe the death of SSPDF soldier in Warrap
A man cleans his gun in South Sudan. Credit: Alamy stock image

Police authorities in Tonj North County said they are investigating the killing of a soldier belong to the South Sudan people defence force who was gun down by unknown assailant over the weekend Warrap.

The victim was identified as Kuot Deng Anei, age 40. Sources who spoke to Mayardit FM said the Late Kuot was shot dead in the nearby forest at around 7 pm on his way to the barrack from Madhiat Payam to Madhiat military base in Warrap state.

Brigadier General Mabek Monytouch Deng, County director of police said the assailant has also stolen the gun of the victim after he killed him. He said they are yet established any lead on the suspect but said search is continuing to find the perpetrator and bring him to justice.

“The deceased was going to Madhiat where he came from few days ago, unfortunately unknown gunman came from behind and shot him on the back and stole his gun and flee the scene”.

He said some of the people in the nearby village heard the gun shot and run to the scene but they found the body on the ground and his gun was missing and could not trace where the suspect run to.

General Mabek appeal to the people to share any information with the police that will lead them to identified the culprit who carried out this criminal act.

He said the suspect need to be arrest and question about his motive why he killed the victim.