Police impound contraband gin, shisha in Aweil

Police in Aweil town have impounded a truck loaded banned Star gin and Shisha worth about 1.5 million Pounds.

The truck was detained after the banned items were detected at a check point in Aweil town on Sunday.

“It is completely against the order to import these items. Star gin is dangerous and that is why you see people harming each other after drinking it,” said Maj.- Gen. Philip Madut, commissioner of police.

In 2022, the authorities banned sale and consumption of the Uganda-distilled gin over health concerns.

They said the drink was easily accessible to young people because they it was cheap and thus they abused them.

Studies of tobacco-based shisha and “herbal” shisha show that smoke from both preparations contain carbon monoxide and other toxic agents known to increase the risks for smoking-related cancers, heart disease, and lung disease, according to CDC.

Madut said the truck was destined for Aroyo in Aweil Center County.

The 26-year-old suspect, whom police commissioner declined to name, is expected to be arraigned soon.

“The case is going to be opened against him now so that he can face the law,” he added.

The bylaws on substandard drinks stipulate that whoever engages in Star gin and Shisha risks not more than three months in prison.