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Police hold three Wunrok teenagers for damaging 100-SSP bill

Police hold three Wunrok teenagers for damaging 100-SSP bill

Police in Warrap State are holding three teenagers in connection with two separate but related criminal offenses in Wunrok.

On Thursday, Bol Atem, 19, out of anger tore a 100-Pound bill that his friend had given him – claiming the amount was too little.

Acting based on a tip by a member of the public in the area, some police officers arrested Atem, according to Col. Atem Deng.

However, Col Deng said, Atem’s friends – two 13-year-olds – attacked the police officers ‘in defense’ of their friend. The three were later detained, with the minors accused of obstructing police officers.

“Money is a government property. Even if it is a one-Pound note and you tear it, you have gone against the law,” Col Deng told Mayardit FM.

The police offices based the arrest of Atem on Article 170 of the Penal Code 2008. But it stipulates that:

“Destroying writing from substance bearing revenue stamps, or removing from document a stamp used for it, with intent to cause loss is punishable by law of the land.”

In other countries such as United States, you may face fines, jail time, or both if you are convicted of damaging U.S. bills or coins.

For bills, the maximum fine is $100 and the maximum jail sentence is six months. For coins, the prison sentence can be up to five years.