Police detained four people in connection teenager’s death in Wunrok

At least four people have been arrested in Wunrok Payam in connection to the death of teenage boy aged 15 who died last week after a fist fight with another colleague streets boy.

Police say the two street boys fist fight in the market of which one of the boys inflicted a fatal injured to the other and later died on his way to the hospital.

Official says among those arrested include two women who sell local beverage alcohol in the market. They are accused of supplying local alcohol beverage to underage streets boys.

Colonel Atem Deng Atem is the police inspector at Wunrok Payam in Twic County. He says the deceased next of kin has not been identified but has been buried.

He says authority will continue searching for the relatives by circulating the portrait photo of the boy to help find the parents.

“I want to tell our community, taking care of a child is not something easy thought life is harder try to control your child until he/she reach 18 and become mature person”, said Atem

Deng call on the community to take good parental care to young children and not allow them go on the streets.