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Police arrests two people accused of trading fake dollars in NBG

Police arrests two people accused of trading fake dollars in NBG
The evidence and the two men suspecting of dealing in fake dollars in Juba at NSS office in Juba | Credit | The Mail

Authority in Northern Bahr el Ghazal says they have arrested two people for allegedly defrauding an Ethiopian trader with fake US dollars in Aweil. Police say they were apprehended by the police CID in Gok-Machar town of Aweil North County

The spokesperson of police Captain Guot Guot Akol said the two individuals bring the number of people in custody to five for allegedly trading in counterfeit dollars in the state since January 2022.

Akol says the suspects at the time of arrest were holding 1,000 USD cash and a fake hundred dollar note.  He says the suspects’ named John Aguek Akuctiu, age 24, and Juma Machar Ackutiu, 22 are under investigation and will appear in court soon.

“We arrested two people who came from Wau to Gok-Machar on date seven this month. The businessman discovered the money they gave him in exchange for pounds. They manage to change one thousand dollars into 435 000 pounds in Gok Machar,’’ Guot said.

He thanks the CID officers who track them down after they were discovered to have sold counterfeit currencies. Akol says they also confiscated fake dollars, which amount to four Thousand Two hundred.

He appealed to traders to take extra care and caution when buying hard currency in the black markets. In January this year, three suspects were arrested in Aweil East County with 3,100 fake US dollars.