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Police arrested two suspects accused of stealing 370K USD in Juba

Police arrested two suspects accused of stealing 370K USD in Juba
Captain Guot Guot Akol the police spokesperson in Northern Bhar El Ghazal speaking to Akol Yam FM in an interview.

At least two suspects were arrested in Aweil, and one is at large in connection to the theft of 370 thousand USD dollars in Juba.

Official says one of the prime suspects was detained in Juba, bringing the number of people in custody to the three. Police say they also seized 66 thousand US dollars cash and 500k SSP equivalent of USD 1,165.


Captain Guot Guot Akol is the police spokesperson in Aweil. He told Akol Yam 91. FM that the two suspects bought pistols which he says to protect the stolen cash and brand-new motorbikes.


He thanks the CID officers for their network to make the swift arrest after they were informed of suspect to have run from Juba to Aweil. Akol says he is confident the one at large will soon be apprehended.

He says the two suspects have been transferred to Juba with exhibit evidence found in their possession where the alleged theft happened.


“After receiving the information, we deployed security officers at the County level. We have arrested two here, one in the Juba, but one person is still missing. However, the police are searching for him, and we are sure we will get because we have details about him and location.”


He urges community members to cooperate with the police and not harbor criminals that want to use Aweil as their haven. Guot did not give details of the person the suspects broke into his house and walked away with cash, saying that information was not shared with them in Aweil.


Guot says one of the suspects is a brother who orchestrated the theft and breaking into his brother’s house. They recovered 140,000 USD during his arrest.

This month police in NBG state have arrested two people accused of trading fake dollars in Gok-Machar in Aweil North County.