Police arrest an officer who shots and injured three people in Aweil

At least one police officer has been arrested in Aweil in connection to the incident where three youths members were shot and wounded after a fight erupted at friendly football match at Naivasha residential in Aweil town.

The incident happened on Sunday evening where the football fans clashes with community and police shot in the air to dispersed them but accidentally shot and wounded three people in the pitch.

Captain Guot Guot Akol is the police spokesperson in Aweil. He says they response to the call after the team supporters’ clashes at the pitch.

He says one of their officer shot and injured three youth which he said was an accident and not intended.

Akol said they have arrested the suspect who is one of the officer w and investigation is ongoing to find out what happen at the pitch.

He added that the three who were injured with guns shot wounded were rush to Aweil civil hospital for medication.

“It true that some three youth were shot during the fighting between the community and the police where the game was being played, those who were injured during the fighting are taken to the hospital now we to first let them get well and soon we shall proceed with the investigations”, said Guot.

The director of Aweil hospital Dr Wol Wol Akeen said the three patients have been admitted in the hospital and one is suffering from gunshot to the chest but is in stable condition.

“Some major injuries here is responding well to treatment but still is not yet discharged from the until now and we give him blood transfusion and he is going for operation on his arm because second bullet still there”, said Dr. Wol.

He appeal to youth stop fighting that involved sharp objects saying such things are harmful and can end up taking someone life for no good reason.