Police arrest a murder prime suspect in Aweil West

Authorities in Aweil say the main prime suspect in the killing of a man who was shot at the video hall last month in Aweil has been arrested. The suspect was apprehended at Rum-Tit village on Saturday evening.

Since the incident happened on 28 December, 18 people have been arrested, and one of them remained at large until last Saturday. The gunmen stormed a local video hall, shot and killed a man sleeping in the hall, and was identified as Geng Maduok, age 25, at Mathiang in Aweil town.

Major general Philip Madut is the commissioner of police in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state. He said the suspects with three others involved will be transferred to Aweil central prison, where they will await trial.

“These people will not be released immediately, and the court is the one to determine those who have not been involved in the killing case,”Gen. Madut said.

Gen. Madut called the public not to harbor criminals, saying they threatened their lives.

He also urged the family and relatives of late Geng to remain patient and follow the legal procedures as police have arrested the prime suspects.