Police arrest a man accused of defiling teenager in Kapoeta

Authorities in Kapoeta, Eastern Equatoria state, say they have detained a 35-year-old man accused of defiling a young girl on Saturday. The incident happen around the market in one of the town on the way to Kapoeta. Police says the perpetrator locked the girl inside his car defiled her. She is 14 years old.

Okeny Paul Batista is the crime registrar officer at the Kapoeta police station. He says the survivor was from the village and was send to the market to buy food items for the family members.

He says the suspect is one of the public bus drivers. “Incident happened over the weekend when the victim came from the village when she reached the certain town she was defiled by a man. The suspect was later arrested by the police and now in custody for investigation.

He says the young girl is being treated at Kapoeta civil hospital.

Paul says they have received several reports of rape cases being committed on a regular basis but did not statistic of how many reported weekly.

Dr. Mustafa Lokuru, is the director for Kapoeta civil hospital. He told Singaita FM that the survivor had been admitted and being treated at their facility.

He condemns the act, saying it is unhuman to assault a small child who is not strong enough to resist a man’s strength.

“I received a call. I was called to come and investigate the girl, and we confirmed the sperm live, and the perpetrator also accepted, and the girl accepted too base on what I saw is a rape case and asking people to stop this”,  said Dr.Lokuru.

He urges the public to refrain from such act to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and other infections diseases.