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Peth Atak gets acting paramount chief

Peth Atak gets acting paramount chief
Dau Nyuol Dau, acting paramount chief of Peth Atak community | Credit | Courtesy

The Minister of Local Government in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has appointed an interim paramount chief of Peth Atak community in Aweil North County.

The appointment of Dau Nyuol Dau, 81, comes after three months of leadership vacuum caused by the death of his predecessor Deng Nuol Dau and the resultant power wrangles.

Nearly two weeks ago, the declaration of Dau as the winner of an election despite having garnered just six votes over Aturjong Aturjong with 19 votes led to clashes.

The Minister, Deng Liai Baak, told Akol Yam FM that the move is an attempt to resolve the dispute over the leadership.

“We did this as a way of calming the situation among the people,” Liai said on Tuesday. “This paramount chief will remain in power for one month and half to allow people to conduct elections.”

The October 5 five fighting had left 10 people injured in Gokmachar town, prompting the government to deploy forces there.