Persons with disability receive wheelchairs in NBG

At least twenty-five people with disabilities have received wheelchairs to aid their movements in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state.

The items were donated on June 7 by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to the state Ministry of Gender, Child and Social welfare.

Wheelchairs are used when walking is difficult or impossible due to disability, illness, injury, or problems related to old age.

Some beneficiaries of the wheelchairs say the mobility devices will change their lives.

“We are so happy today after received the wheelchairs because we have been complaining over the lack of transport – as you are aware about our situation’’ said Samuel Lual Deng.

Another beneficiary, Mangok Wol Wol said “we are unable to move around without wheelchairs but as we received today, it will help us to do our normal activities.”

For Majok Malong, receiving the wheelchair has will greatly impact is small business.

“The wheelchairs will help us to run our businesses for survival because disability is not inability. Despite being disabled, we can still do other things like selling items in the market – while sitted.”

Joseph Madut Mou, the Director in the state Ministry of Gender, Child and Social welfare appreciated ICRC for the assistance, including providing prosthetic legs for the disabled.

“The wheelchairs will help them to work around and do some businesses to help themselves. The supports are provided by ICRC with aimed to improve their lives,” he said. “I want those who have not yet receive to come for registration to wait for second support.”

According to ICRC, decades of armed conflict has left hundreds of thousands of people with disability in South Sudan.

In February, the organization also donated 35 wheelchairs to individuals who can not walk due to paralysis.

The distribution of the device is often done in collaboration with the State Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare that identifies beneficiaries through their registry.