Stay away from unexploded bombs, citizens in Budi River warned

Authority in Budi county has warned people around Chuhkudum town to stay away from Haloda river, where they found unexploded ordnance after the water receded, leaving the bomb dangerously exposed at the shore.


The county official says this was in response to the report by the community members that led to securing the area to keep people away until the unexploded bomb is removed from the river site.

Hon. Akileo Mboya Peter is the commissioner of Budi County in Eastern Equatoria state. He says some community members discovered the unexploded ordnance lying on the riverbank in Chuhkudum town on Sunday.


“We are very concerned about the safety and security of our people. When we hear this kind of information, we take it seriously; that is why we fenced it for the safety of people and animals”, said Mboya.


He said this is one of the old remnants of bombs used by Arabs to hit the area during the civil war in Sudan. “When people saw it, they said it was the thing that killed people during the war. They are fearing because this thing is found in a place where people are always preparing to cultivate,” said Mboya.


He says they need some bomb expert to intervene to remove it from the area. Saying it posed a great danger to the local population and has created fear among people.


He urges the public to be cautious and report any suspected and unfamiliar objects or devices to the local authority.