Peace monitors pursue dialogue among parties

The peace monitoring bodies have called on South Sudanese leaders President Salva Kiir and his counterpart first vice vice president Dr. Riak Machar to embrace calm and speed up the implementation of the peace agreement.

The heads of the African Union to South Sudan, United Nations Mission in South Sudan, Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission, and Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) met with the both leader separately this week.

They say their two-day consultations with the presidency aim to resolve the recent matters concerning peace implementation in the country. The peace monitors have called for an end of fighting reported in Upper Nile between SSPDF and SPLA in Opposition.

The special representative of the African Union, Amb. Prof. Joram M. Biswaro urges President Kiir and Dr. Riek to deescalate the heightened political tensions and allow dialogue to address any concerns.

“The delegation underlined the importance for the members of the Presidency to recommit to the full implementation of the 2018 Peace Agreement and urged them to fulfills their commitments to demonstrate to the nation their genuine desire for peace,” Biswaro said.

The peace monitors welcomed the parties’ preparedness and willingness to meet and discuss their differences in the implementation of the agreement.

They encouraged the presidency to improve the communication between and among them.

The RJMEC and other peace monitors have also called the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) to recall its withdrawal from their participation in the agreement institutions and mechanisms.

Last week, the leading opposition group pulled out from the security mechanism and citing the ceasefire violation.

The delegation highlighted the pending tasks of the agreement, such as the unification of forces, the permanent constitution-making process, and preparations for elections before the transition period elapses in the next eleven months.

Under the revitalized peace agreement signed in 2018, the term of the transitional government of national unity is expected to end in February next year.