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Parliament summons senior Interior officials over illegitimacy remarks

Parliament summons senior Interior officials over illegitimacy remarks

The national parliament has summoned the minister of Interior, Inspector General of Police, assistant inspector general of police for traffic and Director General of Traffic Police Maj.-Gen. Kon John Akot to answer questions on parliament illegitimacy and introduction of 20,000 traveling fees.

In a summon letter addressed to Angelina Teny, Minister of Interior, the Chairperson of the Standing Specialized Committee on National Security and Public Order, Simon Kuch Puoch, demanded that the three high ranking officials of the Ministry of Interior appear before the august house to explain the remarks made by the traffic director and the standing order he issued, imposing SSP20,000 travelling fees.

During an interview with an online media outlet last month, Major Gen. Akot, said the parliament was “illegitimate” and had no right to be making decisions on matters related to traffic.

“Now parliament is interfering with our work, and this is an illegitimate and unregistered parliament that has no right to interfere in state legislations; and they come and say that the logbook should not be renewed,” he said in response to public outcry, questioning some of his directives.

On 4 November, Gen. Kon issued a standing order mandating all cars traveling to foreign countries or states to pay the fee in order to exit.

The order also demands that all the names of the passengers, number plate of the vehicles, and destination be registered by the chief police inspectors at the national bus parks.

Violators of the standing order are to pay a fine not more than SSP 10,000.

The officials are expected to answer to questions from the Committee on National Security and Public Order on Thursday, November 16, 2023.