Parliament resumes sitting in March 27th -says Agany

The spokesperson of the national legislative assembly said says the August house will resumes it sittings on 27th of this month after the parliament went on recess in December 2022.

John Agany in a press conference at the parliament on Friday there are a number of bills that awaits them as they comes back for business.

 “One of the main bills that we expect to come is the supplementary budget, which has been overdue by our people,” Agany said.

 “…the executives are ready with it now, as soon as the assembly will begin its activities, definitely the supplementary budget will be tabled,”

Among the bills are the election laws, electoral laws and security laws which calls for speedy attention for the smooth implementation of the Roadmap.

“There are a lot of bills that will be brought to our attention, and we will continue to handle them,” he said.

“All the necessary consultations have been done and it’s believed that by the 27th of this month, we will resume our activities,”

Upon resuming the sittings, the MPs will presents the recess reports from their villagers that entails the challenges, humanitarian and security situations and some of the developmental activities.