Over 50 thousand students sit for certificate of primary education exam nationwide

More than 50 thousand candidates across South Sudan have started their primary eight leaving examination. The are over one thousand and five hundred examination centers nationwide where students taking the exams.

Vice President of the Republic for service cluster Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, and the national minister of general education, Hon. Awut Deng rang the bell at Mayo primary school in Juba on Monday.
Hon. Awut warned students of restricted measures introduced by the examination council this year to avoid exam malpractices.

“W have taken strict and tough measures to ensure that exam security is our top priority in all centers in the country. She says the measures include monitoring the systems at the national examination council office center.

Vice President Abdelbagi encourages the candidates to work hard and meet the passing mark grade. He said the government wants to see a good result this year where students pass based on their performance, not cheating.

“We need students to be careful. Because in the previous years, there was cheating in exams. Let the results be as accurate and fair as yours. Because this year we want to show South Sudan that our students are not cheating in exams,” he emphasized.

Ayuen Kon Dut, one of the primary eight candidates at Mayo primary school, says he is optimistic that he will do well. “I have prepared myself for all these subjects. I have been preparing myself for nine months, and I am ready.”

A 28-year-old Vicky Angelo, a mother of four who is a candidate for this examination, encourages ladies who drop out from school to resume learning. She says education has no age limit and urges her fellow ladies not to fear because it is not a shame to seek knowledge even after marriage.

“I am telling them not to fear, and education is not about fear. Age is not a problem with education.

The certificate of primary education examination is expected to end on Friday this week.