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Over 50 diplomats and administrative attaches’ take oath in Juba

Over 50 diplomats and administrative attaches’ take oath in Juba
Diplomats and heads of administrative attaches take oath in Juba on Tuesday, 01 Feb 2022

South Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has recruited 53 diplomats. The newly sworn in diplomats include four heads of administrative attaches. Official says they have undergone formal employment procedures and some recently graduated from various universities.

Hon. Mayiik Ayii Deng, is the Minister of Foreign Affairs presiding over the oath-taking ceremony of the new batch of diplomats on Tuesday. He told the diplomats that this is a significant milestone in their diplomatic career.

Mr. Ayii says he is hopeful the new employees will improve the ministry work through their academic diplomacy and public relations knowledge. He says some will represent the country abroad. Ayii warned the new diplomats to thoughtfully guide the foreign affairs’ rules and regulations, respecting the foreign policy and domestic agenda.

“You are responsible for protecting the interests of South Sudan and the values of the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation. Be disciplined and refrain from subversive political activities. You will achieve the great potential of this diplomatic work, “Ayii said.

The Minister further urged the diplomats to be strong in any challenges at their various assignments. “You may encounter some challenges on the path of your career. However, I want you to remain steadfast and resilient. The road to success is always bumpy, but it accords excellence to those who persevere,” Ayii stated.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is a cabinet-level government ministry responsible for implementing and managing South Sudan’s foreign policy and international activity.