Over 4 million SSP and 3,000 USD dollars were stolen in Wunrok, Warrap state

More than 4 million South Sudan pounds and three thousand three hundred US dollars have been stolen in Wunrok Payam.

Official says a group of unidentified thieves broke into three shops at Wunrok Payam on Sunday night in Twic county.

Police say five shops were ransacked in two separate incidents, and thieves got away with 4 million, 42 thousand SSP, and 3,300 US dollars from the shops.

Lieutenant Colonel Atem Deng is the police inspector in Wunrok Payam. He said the groups broke in at around 3 am mid-night and stole money.

He says police are searching for the culprits, but they still have not got any lead on the suspects.

“my message goes to those traders who lost their properties. Everything has temptation from God thought you have family or you are riches of cattle, and money, there is the temptation of God”, said Deng.

He advised the traders to have courage and say they would work harder to secure the properties in the market at night and minimize similar incidents.

Deng appealed to the community members to help the police identify the suspects and report them to the police for investigation over the theft.