One person killed in another cattle raiding incident in Abyei area

At least one person has been killed at Akot Chok cattle camp in Abyei area after armed youth suspected to be from Twic raided two hundred and fifty cattle.

The incident happened on Wednesday in a grassing land.

The Security Advisor in Abyei Area, Kelek Kon Lual told Mayardit FM that the cattle were later recovered by armed Abyei youth.

He said an undisclosed number of cattle were killed and others wounded. About sixty calves stolen in a separate raid are also still missing.

Mr. Kelek stated that authorities in Twic County and Abyei Administrative Area are working closely to stop cattle raiding between the two sisterly communities.

“Raiding of cattle from here and there cannot end the conflict, and this act we do not want it to continue between Twic and Ngok. The elders must advise the youth to stop,” he appealed.

For his part, Twic County acting Commissioner Malek Ring Makuei confirmed he received information regarding the incident in Abyei.

He promised to investigate the matter, adding that they are working on bylaws that will ensure cattle raiding among the two communities comes to an end.

“I am urging the youths to stay in their villages and listen to what their fathers are saying. Your fathers are with you and they have never attempted one day to raid cattle or attack themselves,” he said.

This week, armed youth clashed with cattle raiders in Rumameer area after four hundred cattle were stolen. The animals were later recovered and handed over to their rightful owners.