One person killed in Amiet-Abyei road ambush

One person is dead and three others have been wounded following an ambush on Amiet-Abyei road.

Among the wounded are a woman and a man.

The incident happened around Maan-Alek village on Sunday.

Unknown armed men reportedly opened fire on a passenger pick up landcruiser heading to Amiet market.

Kelek Kon Lual, Abyei Administrative Area’s Security Advisor said:

“We already advised our traders and passengers to avoid moving alone. Wait and move in convoys when you want to go in the market. Secondly, wait for UNISFA to escort you,” he said.

Authorities in Abyei say at least 11 people have been killed in road-related ambushes between July and September this year.

Early this year, Misseriya armed group attacked some villages in the northern part of Abyei – killing more than 30 civilians.

Kon blames the United Nations Interim Security Forces for Abyei for failing to uphold their mandate and protect the civilians and their properties.