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One more dies in Awerial road accident

One more dies in Awerial road accident

One person has been reported dead and another injured after two land cruisers collided Awerial County, Lakes State, at the weekend.

John Ariik Makeer, deputy administrator of Dor Payam where the accident took place, says the speeding commercial pickup Land Cruiser loaded with goods rammed into a truck carrying cattle on Saturday night.

“One of the vehicles was from Juba and the other from Yirol carrying cows and it had only one headlight, which was not bright enough,” Ariik told Mingkaman FM on Monday. “So, I believe the other driver did not see it well, making them collide.”

The official declined to name the victim of the road carnage.

Lakes State Director of Traffic Police, Chol Arol, who confirmed the accident, captioned drivers against moving at night when traffic rules and road safety measures are not enforced.

He said: “They should know that if a vehicle does not have headlights, they should not move at night because that can immediately cause accident.”

The Saturday night accident brings the total number of road accidents to four within the month of August.