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Officials arrested for illegally hiking price of subsidized sorghum in NBG

Officials arrested for illegally hiking price of subsidized sorghum in NBG
File Image//Michael Daniel/Eye Radio

Four officials have been arrested for allegedly mismanaging the supply of subsidized sorghum to the market in Aweil East County, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

They are part of a committee charged with managing the sale of subsidized dura to the local population in the county.

The individuals are accused of illegally selling to traders some sacks of sorghum worth 1.7 million South Sudanese Pounds.

The state had supplied the market with sorghum to be sold at a lower price. A sack of sorghum subsidized by the government was to sell at 550 South Sudanese Pounds rather than the market price of 2,000 South Sudanese Pounds.

Aweil East County Commissioner told Akol Yam FM that the officials opted to sell the sorghum to traders at a high price.

“We have arrested some four suspects who were assigned by the government to sell the sorghums to the citizen at the lower price to help them feed their families after the prices of buying sorghum increased in the market,” Kiir Yor Lual said.

He added that, after investigations, the suspects will be arraigned in court to explain “why they did what they did – when knowing that the dura were brought to the community who cannot afford buying 3.7 kg at 2000 SSP.”

Mr. Yor disclosed that some sacks of sorghum illegally sold by the officials have been confiscated and will be return to the state government to benefit the local population.

Last week, at least 7 traders were arrested for reportedly hiking the price of the subsidized sorghum.

Several selling points have been established across the state to ensure the public access the subsidized sorghum. One can purchase sorghum at newly created centers in Panjab, Gateway, Amesego and Maduany.