Official echoes call on Abyei, Ngok youth to stop fighting

An official has called on the Twic and Ngok youth to put down their guns to allow the two governments of Abyei Administrative Area and Warrap State to address the issue.

The remarks follow the latest series of deadly attack in Manh-Awan on Ayuok, Akur, Rumamer, Marol-Ayuang, and Kol-Akot areas carried out by Twic and Ngok armed youth this month alone.

The most recent incident took place on Sunday last week at Manh-Awan village in Ajak Kuach Payam where two people were reportedly killed from both sides and the entire village burnt to the ground.

Speaking to Mayardit FM, Warrap State minister of information urged the youth from both sides to allow Governor Hon. Manhiem Bol and Abyei Administrator Chol Deng to bring an end to the conflict between the two communities.

“Put down your guns, because these leaders are going to come up with complete solution to this conflict once and for all,” William Wol said.

Mayom revealed that the leaders were planning to start peace campaigns between the two communities when they return from Juba.

During his visit to Twic County in early January 2023, Vice President Hussein Abdalbagi, who heads up the Twic-Ngok committee, called on the communities to stop the violence and leave the issue to the government to address it.

In February 2022, the dispute between the two communities over the ownership of Southern Kiir River led to deadly clashes.

Officials say the intercommunal conflict has claimed about 130 lives so far.