Official condemns latest deadly fighting in Twic

The government of Warrap State has condemned the latest deadly attack in Twic County.

On Friday last week, armed youth allegedly from Abyei Administrative Area attacked Tongliet Boma and Madow village, leaving more than 16 people dead and six others injured. They also drove off a number of cattle.

“We condemn the attack and ask the government of Abyei to help identify and arrest those who participated in the fighting,” William Wol, state minister of information, told Mayardit FM on Monday.

He said the injured are currently receiving treatments at an MSF – Médecins Sans Frontières – health facility in Mayen Abun.

In response, Abyei Area Information Officer Ajak Deng denied knowledge of the attack but said his government look into the matter.

However, Brig. Akuei Garang Chol, head of the joint operation forces in the area, confirmed the incident.

“It is true the attackers came from Abyei, because some raided cattle were heading to the Abyei Area,” he stated.

When asked why his forces could not prevent or stop the fighting, Brig. Garang said: “I was not able to control the fighting because I was not authorized to fight,” – citing lack of enough security personnel.

” I wrote my letter to the state governor and head of the Ngok-Twic committee that, to stop this violence it will require more forces to the hotspots – Athony and Mabior-kut Ariel,” he added.

The series of attacks have left nearly 150 people dead since it erupted over Aneet land dispute in February 2022.

Chiefs from the Twic and Abyei community have blamed politicians for the continued intercommunal violence between Twic and Abyei communities.