Official calls for disarmament to end road attacks in Budi

With the endless incidents related to road ambushes, revenge killings and cattle raiding, the administrator for Kimotong Payam has voiced a disarmament exercise to bring an end to unknown gunmen in the state and across the country.

Road ambushes, revenge killing, and cattle raiding remain a big challenge in the state due to many weapons in the hands of civilians in the state.

On Sunday, at least three people were reportedly killed, and two others wounded in Camp-15 Road ambushed along Torit – Kapoeta highway in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria state.

These incidents, according to Arkanjelo Lokilimoi – payam administrator of Kimotong – are all due to the presence of weapons in the hands of the civilians.

Lokilimoi says disarmament of guns from communities is the only way that can bring everlasting peace in the counties.

‘For road ambushes and cattle raiding to stop, government should disarm the civilians like they did to the Mundari. We cannot say those criminals are coming from outside or from the bush; they are staying within the communities. Disarmament should start from Budi county, Ikwoto, and greater Kapoeta as the only solution to unknown gunmen,” Lokilimoi told Singaita 88.3 FM .

Eastern Equatoria Commissioner of Police, Major General James Monday Enoka said without disarmament, security and peace cannot be realized.

He however mentions that plans are underway to remove weapons from the hands of the civilians.

He explains that people should respect the law and work together with the government to stop road insecurities along the highways in the state.

He said: “Yes, the rise in criminal activities is because guns are too many in the hand of civilians, which the government is now planning how to remove the guns from the hands of everyone, because when guns are still in the hands of civilians. Even though you arrest one group, next tomorrow others will replace them and ambush people again.”

In March 2023, President Salva Kiir directed the new Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs General Chol Thon Balok to carry out disarmament in Juba and other states across South Sudan.