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Nurse asks residents to buy drugs for Marial Lou hospital

Nurse asks residents to buy drugs for Marial Lou hospital
FILE: A health worker attends to a child. Courtesy image

A nurse in charge of Marial Lou health facility in Tonj North County is appealing to the community to contribute resources for their treatment at the facility.

Philip Malook Ngueny told Mayardit FM that the hospital has run out of drugs to treat rampant cases of malaria and other waterborne diseases.

He said some patients are not able to purchase drugs from the private clinics and often return home without treatment.

Malook urged the community to contribute towards the purchase of essential drugs.

“I am appealing to the community leaders to support their clinic if there are resources like cows, chickens, goats, and others. You must form your committee to give us in form of materials and not the resources. We want drugs to be bought in the market,” he said.

Malook said the hospital previously depended on the support from HealthPool Fund.

Lou Paher Area Executive – Chief Mayik Akeen Kuch called on the government to intervene.

He said the locals have no purchasing power or resources to contribute to the purchase of such drugs.

“The communal violent that happened in the area caused poverty among the people. Cows, goats and others are not available to everyone now…the government must do something to support Marial Lou health facility with drugs.”

On Monday, Tonj North Health Director said that UNICEF promised to supply the health facilities with some anti – malarial drugs.