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NSS arrests over 10 suspected members of toronto boys in Juba

NSS arrests over 10 suspected members of toronto boys in Juba
Suspected gang known Toronto Boys arrested by NSS in Juba

At least 12 people have been arrested in an operation launched by the national security service to crackdown on criminals accused to have commit series of highways and city robberies snatching bags from pedestrians with valuable items.

The NSS says the group they have arrested are members of Toronto boys, known of grabbing bags and speedy away on a motorcycle. Among the group round up by the security include one women who is accused to be partner in crimes.

The Internal Security Bureau (ISB) says it launched the operation because the act of these criminals has resulted in the loss of life and belongings, or sustained injuries inflicted on the victim.

David John is the Director of Public Relations in the National Security Services (NSS), he briefed the media on Thursday. He says the crackdown and the arrest of suspected Toronto Boys will send a signal to their partners in crimes to abundant the act or risk being simultaneously arrested by the law.

“The arrested suspected are currently undergoing intense interrogations and shall soon be arraigned before judiciary for the law to take its course,” said John.

He says the group have traumatized the public for years, creating insecurity in the minds and hearts Juba residents, and his department will work hard to terminate their business.

Adding that the crackdown is a countrywide program to ensure the safety of the citizens will not be in jeopardy.

“Their acts are a national security threat and thus require the national security concern since it jeopardizes the security and peaceful co-existence of the common person in the country,” said John.

He called the public to cooperate with law enforcement agencies by revealing the suspects for the security organs to apprehend them.

Last month, an expectant mother was hospitalized at Juba Teacher Hospital after being dragged off a boda-boda by street bag snatchers commonly known as Toronto boys. She later died after one week.

Last week, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) petitioned the Juba City Mayor over the rising criminal activities of the Juba City motor-crazed gang, also known as the Toronto Boys.