Northern Bahr El Ghazal State closed its border with neighboring Sudan

South Sudan people defense force commander of division three in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state says they have closed all entry points between the state and Sudan’s South Darfur region.

Major General Akuei Akuei Ajou says the decision to shut down the border with Sudan is to help maintain peace and avoid further conflict. General Akuei accused the neighboring Sudan of being behind the Misseriya attack that led to the death of 13 people in the bordering villages and destruction of properties. Other media reported have 24 people died in th attacked a figure higher than what the authorities have reported.

Gen. Akuei says the border will remain close until further notices and force are there to deter intruders who cross the border violating this order. He said the border will be only reopen when the two countries agreed on new security measures that will ensure peace and free movement of citizens from both sides.

He urges people of Northern Bahr le Ghazal to remain calm, saying the closure is to avoid bloodshed between civilians and neighboring Misseriya tribesmen not to crossed without proper security measures. “I have deployed heavy forces at the border to monitor the security situation” said Akuei.

The news about the border shut down start worries some traders in Northern Bahr El Gazal saying commodities prices will shoot up if the border is not reopened soon. They called on both governments to implement the cooperation agreement signed in 2012 between South Sudan and neighboring Sudan.

The government of Sudan authority has not yet commented on the matter amid internal ongoing protest follow the resignation of the prime minister Abdalla Hamadok this week.

In 2020 the pastoralist communities of the Dinka Malual, the Rezigat, and Misseriya from Sudan South Darfour signed an agreement that officially sets rules for seasonal migration movement.