Noon Deng Malek community in Twic gets new executive chief

The Noon Deng Malek community in Akoc Payam, Twic County, has installed John Atem Lual Liai as new executive chief after the death of his father recently.

Late Chief Lual Liai died at the age of 65 last week in Dhiau Agal Boma after a long time illness.

The family said he succumbed to a cancer disease.

As the tradition there dictates, his 40-year-old son must succeed him.

“The new chief was handed power by his father at the time he was alive,” said Ayei Deng, Akoc Payam administrator. “His father assigned him some duties when he was sick; and so as the culture, he is confirmed by his people.”

Late Chief Luai Liai led Noon Deng Malek community for 36 years, since he became the first chief in 1987 till he died last week.

Sometimes during his chieftaincy, he was promoted to the position of  executive chief of Dhiau Agal Boma in 2011.