‘No law yet for Elections, processes behind roadmap schedule’ –RJMEC Chair

The Chairperson of the peace monitoring body (RJMEC) said the RTGoNU’s preparations for 2024 general elections are way behind the schedule spelled out in the roadmap implementation matrix.

Charles Tai Gituai said the pending tasks prior to the elections include passing of the elections bill, reconstitution of the political parties’ council and reconstitution of elections commission among other electoral processes.

“All the elections-related tasks including the establishment and functioning of institutions that drive the elections process, are behind schedule,” said Charles Tai Gituai, Chair of the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation (RJMEC)

Gituai said the electoral laws are not yet passed due to the delays in the preparations processes.

“The enactment of the National Elections Act and its operationalization is way behind schedule,” Gituai said “I appeal to the TNL to prioritize passage of the National Elections Bill”

Eight Months since the political parties’ bill was passed by the parliament in May 2022, the peace monitoring body said no progress has been registered in it provision.

One of the provisions of the political parties Act is the establishment of the political parties’ council and registration among others.

“In terms of the preparation for elections as per the Roadmap, no progress has been made in the reconstitution of the Political Parties Council despite the law having been enacted over 8 months ago,” Gituai stated “The reconstitution of the Council is critical to paving the way for the registration of political parties,”

On his part, the government spokesperson Michael Makuei said the committee responsibe for the implementation of the 2018 revitalized peace deal is in the process of establishing the council.

“The high level standing committee is constituting the political parties council so that the political parties start to register and commence their political work in preparation for elections,” Makuei said

According to the Roadmap, South Sudan is anticipated to go for elections in December 2024 60 days to the end of 24 months extended period of the roadmap.