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No civilian allowed to carry gun in Ikwoto town – Lobong

No civilian allowed to carry gun in Ikwoto town – Lobong
Louis Lobong, Governor of Eastern Equatoria state addressing a meeting in Ikwoto during the week. Credit//Eastern Equatoria Press

No one is henceforth allowed to move with a gun in Ikwoto town, the government of Eastern Equatoria state has ordered.

Governor Louis Lobong issued the directives while on a peace campaign in the restive town of Budi County this week.

“Nobody who is not an army is to move around in Ikoto with a gun,” he stated.

Ikwoto has witnessed series of unexplained killings and road attacks since June, 2022.

So far, 4 people have been shot dead this month alone, authorities said.

Among those killed are 2 humanitarian workers and 2 teachers who were shot dead by unidentified armed men in separate incidences.

On July 13, unknown criminals torched three houses in Lorema village of Tanama Boma. Two people died and another was wounded during the incident.

Prior to that, the home of the Boma Chief was also burnt to the ground by unknown arsonists. There were also clashes between armed youths and a unit of the SSPDF in the town.

Governor Lobong has been touring the areas affected this week. He held meetings with local leaders and civilians – asking them to embrace peaceful coexistence.

“We have called for calm, we have called for cessation of hostilities among the communities that are fighting among themselves. The communities of Logir, Dogotono and Lango in Ikwoto must stop hostilities,” Lobong said.

He added that measures are being taken to deploy more organized forces in Ikwoto to restore peace and stability.

The Governor said they intend on controlling the possession of illicit arms by civilians. Those who will violate the order, he added, will be arrested.

Lobong further paid his condolence to the families of the two aid workers who were killed in an ambush along Tseretenya-Ikwoto road on August 9.

The victims were employees of Caritas Luxemburg.

“We are very sorry for what is happening particularly to the humanitarian workers who got killed innocently while providing services to the community here. My appeal to all the development partners who have been affected is that peace has returned to Ikwoto. They can come back and continue rendering services, we have already put security measures and how to provide for them,” he stated.