No boat to leave Mingkaman Port after 1PM – Union

The Mingkaman Boat Union has revised the departure time at Mingkaman Port from 4:00 pm to 1:00 pm local time.

According to the union, passengers and some river transportation owners have failed to comply with the South Sudan time zone since last year.

It said the new directives will stop late arrivals of passengers to their destinations. No boat will be allowed to leave the port after 1pm

“Any passenger boat that will not adhere to the orders will not be allowed to leave the port at late hours. We encourage passengers to come to the port early and register once they arrive to allow the officials to give pressure to the boats captain to leave as scheduled,” said Gabriel Angui Apet, Chairman of Boat Union in Mingkaman.

Some community members who spoke to Mingkaman FM, welcome the revised schedule. They said it will ensure the safety of all river transport travellers.