Ngok and Twic communities sign Cessation of Hostilities

The two communities, the Ngok Dinka of the Abyei special Administrative area and Twic community in Warrap State have inked agreement on the  cessation of hostilities.

The deal was reached in Aweil, on Monday where the two communities have been meeting to discuss ways to resolve Aneet conflict which is claim by both sides.

Early this year, fighting erupted in Aneet market, an area in Agok. People were killed, others wounded, and houses burnt down when the armed youth from the two communities fought.

The committee formed by the President to investigate the conflict reported that at least 210 people had been killed on both sides.

The agreement signed declared an immediate end of aggression between the two communities, whether directly or indirectly.

It also called for an end to hate speeches to ensure the communities build confidence and live in peace again.

Chief Bulabek Kuol signed on behalf of Abyei community leaders, while Paramount Chief Deng Mayen Deng represented the Twic community.

Other signatories included Governor of Warrap Aleu Ayieny and Kuol Diem Kuol, Chief Administrator of Abyei and was witnessed by members of the investigative Committee.

Paramount Chief Deng Mayen says the communities have experienced difficult situations during the unfound conflict in the region and calls for peaceful co-existence to ensure people return home.

“We are one people, and we used to share many things since up to date and no need to continue with this conflict which has no benefit to our people,” he emphasized.

Abyei Chief Bulabek Kuol promised to engage his community to restore peace and end the violence.

He says the agreement signed should be implemented immediately and warned the political leaders to stop fueling the violence.

“Yes, we agreed to have peace, and we want politicians to help restore peace and stop fueling the situation,” he said.

The Vice President of Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, who heads the investigation committee, said the government will arrange the trial of the suspected criminal being arrested.

Akol called the two communities to forgive each other and promote peace.

” We need the respect of Ceasefire from both sides and implemented it. I also instructed all the security forces deployed in the area to follow the resolutions accordingly.”

The resolution also tasks the security forces to take care of Aneet town till further notice.

Akol warned the community to stop interfering with inter-state boundaries that the national government can only address.

The Cessation of Hostilities agreement was signed in Aweil, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.