New bridges included in Juba-Nadapal highway construction – Lobong

There are ongoing plans to construct major bridges along the Juba-Nadapal highway, an official has said.

According to Governor Louis Lobong Lojore, the construction of the direct trade route to Kenya will see major infrastructural development along Eastern Equatoria state roads.

He made the statement following an appeal for communities in Kapoeta and Budi for the construction of bridges to facilitate trade and movement of people.

People in Katiko told the governor that they are often cut off from the market during the rainy season.

Transportation across the seasonal rivers are often paralysis by overflowing water.

Governor Lobong assured the locals that the bridges will eventually be constructed.

“We are beginning from Juba all the way up to our border with Kenyan. The contractors have just done bush clearance that has reached up to Kapoeta. The next step will be to make the road with murram [and] they will make the bridges – not only Katiko, but even Singaita and the rest of the rivers,” he disclosed.