Netherlands warns persistent violence threats chance for election in South Sudan

The Kingdom of Netherland’s Ambassador is deeply worried that the most threatening factor for the continuation of the peace process is the persistence of violence in the country could hindered South Sudanese not to elects their leaders at the end of the transitional period.

In the past weeks, fighting has been reported in Southern Unity and the Upper Nile States that killed dozens of civilians and many people displaced from their homes.

Jelte van Wieren, is the Ambassador of Netherlands to South Sudan. He called on political leaders to commit to full  implementation of revitalized peace agreement. Amb. Wieren says the widespread violence should stop to pave the ways for the people of South Sudan to exercise their voting right.

“Apart from the referendum, most South Sudanese have never participated in a democratic election. Progress on implementing the revitalized agreement can now be a point where people see a sort of election in this country,” said Amb. Wieren.

He says the citizens in this country could determine whether an election can’t place after the end of the transition period.

“South Sudanese will equally get a chance to decide how they want to govern by casting their votes in a free and fair election,” he emphasized.”

Amb. Wieren reiterated his country’s tasks and other international communities in supporting South Sudan to achieve durable peace. He says this can only be navigated if the transitional government takes full responsibility for its people, ending the violence that destroyed human lives and chances for development.

South Sudan Foreign Affairs says the government’s effort to implement peace is a concrete step to ending the war and making the country stable.

Amb. Mayen Dut Wol, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Foreign, says the unification of command has renewed hope for the citizens to attain durable peace.

“Peace agreement principals are ready to open a new chapter of inclusive development in South Sudan,” Dut said.

Mr. Dut called the UN security council to the lifted sanction imposed on South Sudan to ensure the country embarked on economic recovery.

The Kingdom of Netherlands said it assisted South Sudan with law rules, food security, and water management. The Netherlands is the home of the International Criminal Court (ICC), based in the Hague.

The Diplomats made their remarks during Netherlands’ King Day” commemorated on 27th April in Juba.