Nearly 2,000 families uprooted by floods in Gogrial West

The lives of nearly two thousand families have been disrupted by floods in Gogrial West County of Warrap state.

The heavy rains and flash floods have uprooted families mainly in Thiangbet, Thur Anyar, and Warlongtui Akong areas.

Residents say the areas have experienced consistent rainfall for the last 8 days.

Agany Ayom Wek, the Executive Director of Gogrial West said the displaced persons have moved to higher grounds in Mading Wuony and Kunyuk.

He appealed to humanitarian partners and the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) to provide shelter and food to the displaced persons.

“Give us mosquito-nets to prevent malaria among children. There is also the issue of lack of food,” he said.

The Coordinator of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Gogrial West County said they will conduct an assessment to determine the scale of the intervention needed.

“My RRC office and all Boma level will go for the assessment at every center, after that the support will come. I want to encourage those who are displaced to be courageous, we are working on your issues,” Bona Bol Kuc stated.

He further called on humanitarian organizations to ready mosquito-nets, shelter and sleeping materials for the displaced.