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NCAC reactivate, told to prioritizes election law and political parties bill

NCAC reactivate, told to prioritizes election law and political parties bill
The Members of National Constitution Amendment Committee (NCAC) in a group photo with Minister of Justice, Hon. Rubben Madol (Center) and IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan Dr. Ismail Wais (Right center) after NCAC Meeting in Juba on Tuesday, 17th May 22

The National Constitution Amendment Committee (NCAC) is back again after one year inactive due to what is described as an insufficient fund.

The mechanism was established under the peace agreement with a mandate to review, develop and amend the bills to be incorporated into the permanent constitution in South Sudan.

NCAC Chairman Gichara Kibara says the body has resumed its work after being absent for months due to a lack of funds.

He says their mandate expired but was renewed by parties to the peace agreement so that they can make the necessary law that will allow for the reform and election to be conducted.

“We have done quite a bit of work during the pre-transitional period, but we are not enabled to complete the work due to the corona, and that’s why our terms are extended. We have now resumed,” Kibara said.

Mr. Kabara says the Committee will not give up despite the delay because the peace agreement is the best choice for the people of South Sudan. He urged the parties to expedite their work and cover the lost time to implement the deal within the time frame remaining.

The Committee was told to prioritize amending the election act and the political parties’ bills to pave the way for South Sudanese to elect their leaders at the end of the transitional period.

The IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan, Dr. Ismail Wais, welcomes the constitution amendment committee’s resumption. He says NCAC has a critical role in the peace process, and it should be rendering the support to advance its mandate. 

“NCAC is back again, and this is something to celebrate. We wish them all the best. We urged the national government and the international community to support this institution so that the peace agreement can be implemented as soon as possible,” Amb. Wais emphasized.

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Robben Madol appreciated the Committee’s legal effort to incorporate the agreement into the constitution, drafting security laws and political parties’ bills.

“I can inform you that the Ministry has forwarded all these bills drafted as reviewed by NCAC to the reconstituted National Legislative Assembly except for the national security bill. But we hope that bill also shall soon find its way to be a table.

The Ministry has embraced the reactivation of the Committee, saying it is vital to have NCAC at this critical moment in implementing the peace agreement considering the importance of the remaining legislation.

NCAC is a 15 members committee comprised of representatives from IGAD, parties to the peace agreement, Civil Society, Women, and Youth are represented.