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NBG lawmakers demand explanation over dismissal 4 MPs

NBG lawmakers demand explanation over dismissal 4 MPs
Northern Bahr el Ghazal state MPs shortly after their swearing-in at the assembly on 28th February 2022. Photo Credit//Radio Tamazuj

Four legislators were reportedly kicked out of the Northern Bahr el Ghazal state Legislative Assembly last week prompting an outcry from fellow legislators.

The members of parliament who were removed from the house are among those who reportedly questioned the use of state revenue such as taxes, including Personal Income Tax.

Those dismissed last week include Hon. Ernest Mangok Mangok, Hon. Akoon Diing Angok, Hon. Benson Upuoth Malio and Hon. Joseph Deng Nguoc.

The MPs have now accused the state government of curtailing freedom of expression in the August House. They demand to be told why the dismissal happened.

“We are still asking what wrong they did because we know they are there at the assembly to ask how the public funds are being used and that should not lead to dismal,” said an MP who did not want to be mentioned.

“All we know is that they have right to ask how funds are being utilized by the ministers, and if they have done something wrong then we were supposed to know because we are elected by the people,” another MP stated.

The State Minister of Information William Nyuon Kuol admitted that the four MPs were removed by the SPLM party. He did not disclose the reason.

“I want to assure to you that government is not responsible of their dismissal, but they were dismissed by their party SPLM. You know they came in through the SPLM tickets and so it is the SPLM that can dismiss them from the assembly,” he said.

The dismissed MPs pledged to seek redress through the court.