National Youth Union chair compelled to apologize to Minister Albino

The Chairperson of the National Youth Union has finally apologized to the National Minister of Youth and Sport after 7 months of disagreement over the management of the union’s affairs.

Since May, Gola Boyoi and Minister Dr. Albino Bol have traded accusations publicly over how to channel the affairs of the National Youth Union.

This is after Gola wrote a letter to the Egyptian President and the Deputy President of the Sudan Sovereign Council over the status of the Abyei region.

The letter reportedly angered the Minister of Youth and Sport who described Gola’s actions as over-reaching. It said official government protocols were broken by the union chairman sending the letter directly to foreign Heads of State.

On May 12, Dr. Albino issued a letter suspending Gola from his position and instituted a committee to investigate him.

In response, Gola dismissed the suspension saying the Minister has no powers to act on administrative matters of the union.

Mr. Gola remained adamant and continued to serve.

However, it has now appeared that the committee reigned over Gola and asked him to issue a public apology to the Minister of Youth and Sports.

“In respect to the recommendation of the committee and in the spirit of peace, reconciliation and togetherness, I render my sincere apology to my brother, comrade Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu, Minister of Youth and Sport for any inconveniences caused to him and the entire Ministry of Youth and Sport by my misconduct,” Mr. Gola said in a public letter issued on November 25, 2022.

Gola further retracted any statement that may been uttered in bad faith towards the Minister of the cause of the 7 months disagreement.

“If there is any word that might have come out in the fight, but we had already reconciled before that letter came out,” he told the media in Juba.

As per its documents, the South Sudan National Youth Union is supposed to be an independent non-political, non-profit-making institution with an essential policy tool guiding the country on its approach to youth development.

Upon its inception in August 2011, the union, through a ministerial decree, was assign the role of approving and recommending to the government participation of individuals and associations in youth activities as well as coordinate with the Ministry of Youth to organise regional and international youth meetings and activities.

The union shall also represent South Sudan in regional, continental and international assemblies upon approval of the ministry. It shall further entrench foreign relations with friendly states and strengthen ties of cooperation between the international organisations.