Natinga residents lack access to health, school, water facilities

A youth leader in Natinga Payam, Kapoeta East County is appealing for the construction of a health facility and a borehole in the area.

Alex Michael Adupa said people in the payam have lived without access to medical services for years.

He disclosed that they have been using local herbs to treat ailments and other diseases in the area.

“If you get sick, you die because there is no hospital. There are several cases of malaria, fever, and other types of sickness that people try to treat with local herbs, and using traditional healers,” Alex said.

He mentioned that they have been taking extreme cases of illnesses to Narus for treatment – a distance of 8 hours on foot.

Alex urged the government, well-wishers, and non-governmental organizations to help.

“We have been requesting the County authority for a hospital but nothing has been done.”

He also disclosed that they do not have teachers or access to clean drinking water in the entire Payam.

“We have school but no teachers, children are just staying like that, and we only had one borehole but it got spoilt – no one wants to repair it,”Alex stated.

The Director for Health in Kapoeta East County acknowledged that the area has no essential facilities.

Lotiira Iko said Natinga has not had any support since Health-Pooled organization ended its operations in the area.

“We had a heath facility in New site, but now we have no funds or options to pay the staff and also bring the medical equipment. We were hoping that maybe the government will take over the facility, but up to know we don’t have any communication either from the state government,” he explained.

Mr. Lotiira urged the community to be patient as plans are underway for the construction of PHCU in Natinga.