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Narus trader found dead in his shop

Narus trader found dead in his shop

Police in Kapoeta East County say a foreign national was found dead in his shop in Narus town on Tuesday morning.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the 33-year-old Hamton Sibri are unclear.

However, the inspector of police there believes that the Eritrean national must have taken his own life after his body was found dangling from the roof, with a rope around his neck.

Brigadier Casimiro Okomos says there is no foul play in his death since the door was locked from the inside and no item or cash was taken.

“The guy lived alone in the shop. So, when customers came. They could find the shop open by 10am,” Okomos explained.

“The neighbors reported the case to police. So, a crime officer, a soldier from the National Security Service, and the late’s brothers had to force-open the door. They found him dead – hanging by neck from rope.”

But he said the police were probing the death.